Snookie Even Worse

As if to blatantly accept our extreme bias, we continue focusing our writing efforts on people who display notable talents. Realising talentless people have really been left off the radar here at Your Friends (how cruel), we decided to see if any of the ridiculous cast from Jersey Shore are doing anything of worth these days. Spending less time on fighting and drinking would be expected, given the monumental amounts of both done while in the house. Don’t bet on it though.

On Saturday, Snookie, a small orange human who was cast on all seasons of the Jersey Shore series, was filmed dirty dancing and dry reaching on a pot plant at a local bar in Seaside Heights (check it here). With no comments from the actor or the plant, its impossible to tell whether she is just a drunk mess, or if the video is a blatant display of dendrophilia (a condition in which people quite literally love plants). Either way, after our immediate success dirt-digging on the Snookie bandwagon, we thought a bit more of a poke around was necessary. Turns out her ex boyfriend is Twittering about how she’s an alcoholic, which would be made even more comedic if he accompanied video proof. This is all on the back of Snookie filming season 4 of the show in Italy, in which she stepped up and proved she really was a specimen to be reckoned with.

During the time spent in Italy, Snookie crashed into her own police escort and sent two Italian officers to hospital with minor injuries, resulting in the revoking of her license and potential fines. She followed the red-faced incident up with some solid culture clashes, to the point where restaurants and cafes where publicly displaying notices ‘exiling’ Jersey Shore cast members. While ‘Piss off Snookie’ would have sufficed, we are assuming shop owners went for something more along these lines. Minimal yet effective.

Perhaps the most amazing part about this all comes from events held by Rutgers University spanning from late March to May this year. Two guest speakers where invited to share views and opinions with university students, in different settings. One of the speakers, Toni Morrison, is a Nobel Peace Prize winning American novelist, editor and professor. She was paid $30,000 for her addressing of the assembly and delivered the first speech Rutgers University have paid for in their long history. The other speaker, who was presented in a Q & A type setting, was paid $32,000. ‘That’ other speaker was Snookie. A famous, and very public, drunk mess.


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