Russell Brand, Climate Change & Thinking For Yourself

Australia’s Environmental minister Greg Hunt denies that there is a correlation between climate change and the current bush fires, having checked on Wikipedia that fire pre-dates the human conception of a climate. Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims that any correlation between climate change and bush fires is ‘hogwash’, having checked on Wikipedia that ‘hogwash’ is a phrase that’ll play well with the youth. The newly appointed Minister for Sport has yet to comment.

Correlation does not equal causation, obviously, but the two aren’t binary opposites. Greenhouse gases did not strike the match, but a dryer climate and hotter weather didn’t exactly blow it out. I am not qualified to say whether climate change played a role in the NSW bushfires, but I’m also not prepared to ignore the fact that the frequency and density of bushfires are rising and that temperature records are continually being broken. I don’t want to be that guy, but, there’s no smoke without fire.

It’s hard to fathom that despite the fact that everyone who is qualified to look at climate science has decided that climate change is actually happening, and yet we still pretend there’s a debate going on. You might think that rallying for a carbon tax, switching to energy saving light bulbs and not flushing the toilet are simply the actions of a greeny do-gooder, but the fact remains that no one wants to pay more taxes, sit in dimly lit rooms and have their houses stink of piss (that last one excludes cat owners).

My point is there is no ulterior motive to believing in climate change. But there are ulterior motives to denying it. I urge you to prove me otherwise.

Al Gore linked the debate about bushfires and climate change, to the debate about lung cancer and cigarettes. If you’re looking for an apt parallel, look no further.

It’s ridiculous that the response to years of scientific research is ‘hogwash’ or ‘absolute crap’. If you disagree with a concept give me your reasoning and help me understand why you believe what you believe. Simple contradiction does not trump evidence.

Russell Brand has called for a revolution; he wants the face of politics to change and decisions not to be made in the interest of the rich few. Absolutely, we all want a democracy unmarred by bias brought about by financial reward, but you don’t achieve that by not voting – as he asks you. If you want change, do something about it, don’t simply cross your arms and remain silent.

The reason why climate change is so unique and important as an issue is that, as horrible as it sounds, it is infinitely more important than any other political issue. This has a time limit. Denying its existence is detestable, but choosing not to act against it is just as bad.


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