Exclusive Iggy Azalea Interview

Iggy Azalea caught our eye a few months ago within the ever growing creative realm of YouTube. Spitting straight fire and with an unmatched attitude, she captivated us with her talent and execution, immediately signalling the start of something big. After a tiny bit of research, it became evident she was an Australian girl, having being born and raised in Mullumbimby before jet setting to America at the age of 14 to follow her passion. It’s this very determined and direct nature that’s resulted in her talented moniker going viral, attracting the attention of more than just your average punter along the way. After recently dropping her debut Ignorant Art mixtape for the masses, she has set her sight on her 2012 album release, manifesting itself in ‘The New Classic‘. Laying idle in anticipation, we thought it would be fun to have a chat with her and see how things are going over in the US. Enjoy the interview, download Ignorant Art if you haven’t already, and get on this bandwagon before it’s too damn full.

Ignorant Art (320kbps) <here>

We will save the praise for the introduction of this interview and dig right in. Your from Australia and you moved to the US in 2006. How was the adjustment period? Did you fit right in or not?
I suppose I didn’t fit right in, but I felt like I did in comparison to how outcasted I had felt in Australia so it was a welcome change and big step forward to me. Now that I’m older I’ve realized I will never completely fit in anywhere but that’s okay.

I’ve heard you talk about how you couldn’t get enough of rap as young as age 11. What stemmed the obsession? If I’m correct you were raised in Mullumbimby, so I’m guessing it wasn’t your surroundings?
I cant say exactly what stemmed the obsession, something about it just touched a part of me that other styles of music didn’t. I really don’t know why.

You gained widespread recognition when you matched your catchy flow with cool videos on YouTube. Do you think the internet is opening up options for artists to make it big?
I think it gives a platform to people who otherwise wouldn’t, to get on a stage or print copies of a physical mixtape you are required to have certain things. Someone has to LET you on the stage, you need MONEY to print a cd etc. When it comes to the internet, you don’t need permission or funds… it’s a free platform.

An amazing platform at that. Is there much of a production budget for those videos?
Not really. I filmed pu$$y for 500 dollars and ‘my world’ cost me 1000 dollars. With that being said we had a team and equipment worth much more than that, but I was lucky enough to have a network of people who believed in me enough to work for free.

MY WORLD by Iggy Azalea

When would you say the turning point for you was? When did you sit back and go ‘Damn, people are really starting to listen…”?
I was sitting in bed and they called my best friend peezy (she’s also my day to day manager) and told her that Perez Hilton had posted my video on his site earlier in the day and that it had 56,000 views in only a few hours. I couldn’t believe it, after that the next week it just snow balled and all the blogs were talking about it.

I often see you paralleled with other female rappers making their way in the circuit. I’m not going to name drop who cause I can’t say I agree, but how do you feel about those consistent comparisons?
I think its stupid but understandable given peoples need to find ways to familiarize the unknown. People want to make sense of what they are seeing so they compare to feel comfortable. I am the only me though, you cant compare.

Your too right there. On the topic of other artists, how do you feel about collaboration? Do you have anything on the cards in this sense for the new year?
I’m about to start working on my album so there will be collaborations, right now i haven’t thought too hard about that – I’m working out my label deal currently so thats where my mind is at. Once thats sorted out and i establish an over all sound and direction for the album i will be able to know what artists would make for a dynamic collaboration.

PU$$Y by Iggy Azalea

Fair enough. So, you dropped Ignorant Art in the last few days of September. Tell us a bit about your motivation behind the release? How was it received?
I meant to release it a week after i dropped ‘Pussy’ but things don’t always go according to plan, I just put it out as soon as i could. I think it was received well.

Do you have a track thus far that has made you feel most accomplished? Whats coming up?
No one track has made me feel more or less accomplished. My album ‘The New Classic’ is set to be released in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Lets bail from music and round things up with some fun. Are you a good cook or do you prefer to eat out?
I eat out, i never have time to be at home cooking. I usually eat whatever can happen inside a car while we’re on the way to the next meeting. I really like eating chicken and fries from cw & chris wings. I go there all the time and they are the best.

Do you come back to Australia often?
I spend about 2 weeks of the year in Australia.

Thanks for your time!
Thank you.



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