Handbook – Layerism

Let me start with holy fuck.  I am in love. Handbook is a guy by the name of Jake Brown, a man who curated Layerism, an album made up of a plethora of layers and samples. Something he hadn’t done before in his own words, it is “the most successful execution of sampling I have embarked on”. I must agree, and I am sure you all will too once you hear these beautiful and charismatically produced hip-hop beats. His music for me, is like a picture of running instrumental meadows, full of flowery beat pads and full instruments. Together, the scenery of this music is undeniably perfect. Before releasing Layerism, just last month he released Nomadic, which is also an amazing album with 11 complex hip-hop-esque songs. It really makes you wonder how this guy has so much time on his hands? November 2011 saw him release a 15 track album titled ‘All the time‘, which begs the question – is this guy the ultimate beat machine? I think so. September last year he had a 6 track album called “Amnesia” which is totally different stuff, so to see an artist with such diversity is an instant attraction for me. His influences stem from the likes of J Dilla, Aphex Twin and Flying Lotus. With those people inspiring his music, you know the shit will be good. He has been producing for over 2 years and giving away a lot of free music in this time, but I suggest you make the effort and buy Layerism right here.

Ungodly Etiquette (Feat. Supreme Sol) by Handbook

The Day Begins (Seasonal) ALBUM OUT NOW: LAYERISM – AT handbook.bandcamp.com by Handbook


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