Carimbo EP Release

Schlachthofbronx have done it yet again! After dropping their steaming, red-hot EP “Mudders” on Mad Decent Records a few months back, they crank it up a notch and certainly take care of business once again with their new EP “Carimbo“. The EP is not as highly advertised as their last release “Mudders”, but, I personally feel this release is much more vibrant because it really does make your brain explode. Taking influence from the New Orleans bounce genre, nobody digs deep enough in various genres like Schlachthofbronx. Three tracks out of the four on Carimbo seem to be supported by loops of delicious pep and bounce, making it a very fun, exquisite release. My two favorite tracks off the EP are, without a doubt, Carimbo and Coolie Fruit, featuring Gnucci Banana. I find Carimbo has that tropical spice I love in a track, with its high energy, up-tempo hip-hop beat and bounce till you break mentality. It is surely one of the best singles of 2011. “Coolie fruit” is a fun, bubbly, full of life track that Gnucci kills on vocals. You can taste her appetite for tea and soup. The EP is out today through Daniel Haaksman’s Man Recordings. Take a peep at each track right below!

carimbo ep by schlachthofbronx

Release date: Sep 26, 2011


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