A Chat With The Kite String Tangle

The Kite String Tangle is the solo project of Danny Harley. That sentence may or may not mean much to you, but when you hear the quality of audio he’s been pushing into the ears of people around Australia, you’ll realise those ten words are going to mean a hell of a lot to tens of thousands of people in a very short time. He’s on the brink of blowing up, so before his time is filled with sippin Piña colada’s in exotic locations around the world while women throw themselves at him, we sat down to talk music, backflips and cooking. Find his music dotted through this post and listen to every single little bit of it. Thank us later.

You have 30 words to sell your music to a guy who hates music…
Look, you don’t like music and music probably doesn’t like you, but here’s the deal; I have 10 trained hit-men within 50 metres of where we’re standing disguised as civilians and ready to kill on my order. Buy my music.

Are you a good cook?
When I invest the time I like to think that I can cook a meal. I cook a mean haloumi and Sun-dried Tomato warm cous cous salad… I’m hungry.

That sound’s epic. What do you do in your spare time?
I write music. And e-mails. But mainly music. I also bought a viewmaster reel viewer and a whole bunch of old school reels for it recently. If you don’t know what that is, you’ll probably remember it as like a red thing that you look into and pull down a lever on the side and it changes between different 3D Disney pictures? Well yeh, it’s one of them, but before Disney bought the company it was used for leisure and education and generally blowing minds with 3D images. I have some civil war reels and random physics lessons reels. It’s pretty crazy. Well….not that crazy…more of a mild crazy.

Damn. I remember those things. Who are you pulling inspiration from at the moment?
I’m loving the new Bonobo album. I’m also revisiting the SBTRKT album, some Four Tet. Oh actually I’ve been meaning to tell people to listen to the album ‘Alopecia’ by a band called ‘Why?’. Lyrical genius. OOOOOHHHH AND a guy called ‘Sean Carey’ and his album called ‘All We Grow’. Go and buy or “buy” those albums immediately!

That new Bonobo album is killer. What’s your favourite cocktail?
Hmmm….not much of a cocktail kind of guy. I prefer a beer or a glass of merlot. However I did try an espresso martini recently which was pretty bad ass.

Espresso Martini’s are pretty loose. I drunk a few of them once and had heart palpitations. Have you ever had heart palpitations?
I get them all the time. They suck. I have a really low tolerance to caffeine which isn’t very rock star of me. It doesn’t go well with my crippling coffee addiction.

You’re right, that isn’t very rock star. So, do you party hard?
Sometimes I party hard and sometimes I hardly party. I did some personality test once that said that I was pretty much on the line in between extroverted and introverted. It changes daily and that affects my partying.

What’s the percentage chance of you landing your first attempt at a backflip on a trampoline?
I reckon 50%. I used to be pretty good at that kind of stuff, but i haven’t done any aero-acrobatics in years so I’d say it’d be a bit of a gamble. Once when I was really young I tried this but i landed with too much gusto and the post-landing re-bounce launched me off of the trampoline and one of my legs got caught in the springs and left me dangling until my mum came and freed me.

What about on flat ground?
This is definitely significantly lower percentage-wise. I feel like i’ve reached my quota of hyphenated words in this interview, I’ll try and tone that down. I think I may go alright but it’s just taking that leap of faith you know? Trying to convince yourself that you won’t end up a paraplegic after one terrible decision you made to attempt to pull off something that is miles out of your skill level.

Give us three nicknames you’d like people you don’t know to start calling you…
Danny ‘Danger’ Harley
Danny ‘You Can Do It’ Harley
Danny ‘Get a New iPhone Screen’ Harley

They’re pretty good nicknames. How shit are iPhone screens but…
Very. They break. Now I use mine to open imported beers.

What’s your favourite bird…?
Pigeon? Pterodactyl?

Had a feeling you’d say Pigeon. How much of your time are you dedicating to Pigeon in comparison to your solo stuff at the moment?
It’s a fairly even split at the moment. We’ve just wrapped up a tour so I’m hitting the ground running and moving that momentum over to TKST for a few months.

What’s the deal on upcoming releases?
Hopefully I’ll be putting out some weird and wonderful things very soon (collaborations and remixes etc.), and in terms of an official debut EP which you can purchase and touch with your hands, I’m aiming for early next year. Very excited for it! 🙂

Can we hang and have another beer soon?
My Friday looks good. Meet you at Ric’s?



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