I’ll Always Be A One Night Stand

When you see me, don’t ask me my name.

Don’t buy me a drink, I can buy my own.
Don’t pretend to be my friend all night.
Wait til it’s time to go, kiss me, and tell me you’re taking me home.

When we go home, we’re going to yours.
No, I don’t want to watch TV; I know why I’m here.
Don’t make small talk.
Don’t leave the light on.

When you fuck me, don’t try foreplay.
You don’t know me, and you don’t know what I like.
I’ll spit in my hand and wet my own pussy.
Don’t tell me I’m hot, or sexy, or anything.
Just put a condom on your dick, and fuck me.
Please don’t look at my body or hold my fat hips.

When you’re done, don’t tell me you usually last longer.
Don’t ask me if I came.
Don’t hold my hand, don’t kiss me, don’t spoon me.
Don’t tell me I’m beautiful.
Don’t tell me to stay.
Roll over and go to sleep so I can leave while it’s still dark.

When I leave, please don’t look at my face.
Please don’t watch me get dressed.
Don’t call me a taxi.
Don’t offer me a jacket.
Let me walk home, breathing in the heady mix of freezing fucking cold 4am air and sex on my skin.
Don’t text and ask if I got home okay. I don’t care if I do, and neither should you.

When I’m gone, delete my number.
Don’t add me on Facebook.
Don’t show your friends the marks I left on your back.

When you see me out next weekend, don’t act like you know me.
Don’t smile at me.
Don’t walk over and say hi.
Don’t do anything just to be polite.

Because I’ll fall in love.

Written by Zara Page. Photo by DIO.


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