I Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones

I’m in the small, intimate club of people who don’t watch Game Of Thrones. This means that whenever something significant happens (the airing of the Red Wedding, for example), I’m left beyond the wall, while everyone else is partying it up in Westeros, gangbanging Daenerys Targaryen and swilling wine.

Not watching Game Of Thrones is different to not watching other popular TV series. The cult fetish around the show is unrivaled. Couple that with the fact George R R Martin is renowned for pulling off unthinkable plot twists (that usually involve killing main characters with reckless zeal), it’s easy to understand why the chatter about Game of Thrones isn’t something that can be hidden from.

You’ve also got layers of GoT fandom. You have the TV watchers, then you have the book readers and TV watchers (identifiable by their inability to talk about the TV show without saying “the books are so much better”). Then you have the people who don’t know anything about GoT outside of everything they’ve been told on social media or in general conversation, which for me, amounts to a pretty hefty plotline, a very vivid description of how attractive Daenerys is, and a perpetual loathing for the terrible stain that is Joffrey.

Though on the back of the first four episodes of season five leaking (someone at HBO is getting fired), it’s likely there will be radio silence for at least the next three weeks. I say that assuming every GoT fan binge watched the episodes the moment they landed on the internet, and I’m definitely right in my assumption. GoT fans can’t let episodes be watched by others and not themselves, for fear of them ruining exactly how many people die in the forthcoming installments.

Not watching Game of Thrones is like watching it, except you don’t watch it – social media just tells you every little detail.
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