You Can Now Buy ‘Pet Wine’ So You’ll Always Have A Drinking Buddy

Cracking open a cold one is great, cracking open several cold ones by yourself on a daily basis is generally frowned upon. Well, thanks to the good people at Apollo Peak, your embarrassing alcohol dependence is now a thing of the past as you can now enjoy a bevvy with your favourite furry friend.

You can choose from an extensive range of extremely punny pet beverages. Perhaps your dog might want to kick back with a glass of Chardognay or a cheeky Malbark, or maybe they’re looking to recover from a big night at the kennels with a Doggy Mary.

For your cat, they may prefer to reach for a glass of Pinot Meow, possibly even a stiff Meowtini or tuck into a bowl of Catbernet after a long, hard day of scratching things and coughing up furballs.

Obviously, the drinks are non-alcoholic because we all know that pets can’t party and that grapes are toxic to dogs and cats. Instead, the ingredients are completely natural, most of the wines combine catnip, beets or other vegetables for colour and some even include vitamins, so your pets can wake up feeling fresh after a night of hitting the bottle.

They also have pet-friendly wine glasses, just in case drinking alone with your pet didn’t make you question your life choices enough.

While they may only available in America at the moment, hopefully, we’ll see them make the migration to our shores. Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to neck a bev with their pets?

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