Xbox Is Releasing A Finger Lickin’ Good Greaseproof Controller For All You Basement Dwellers

There’s nothing quite like the sheer panic that enters your brain when you’re digging into some greasy tucker and the battle bus starts leaving. You’ve then got to frantically clean your hands while still trying to savor the last tasty morsels and let me tell ya, it’s a bloody mess.

Thankfully, Xbox Australia has come to the rescue by releasing a brand new patented greaseproof controller, released as a way to celebrate Player Battlegrounds Unknown becoming a full release on the Xbox store.

There are currently only 200 of the controllers in Australia, and they all boast a hand sprayed urethane coating as a way to counteract grease.

Have a gander at the video below to see it in action, hopefully, you won’t be smearing buckets of grease on your controller but hey, I’m not the cops.

You can actually head to the Xbox Australia Facebook page and win one of these bad boys by sharing your best winner winner chicken dinner story, whatever the hell that means.


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