Woman Drinking Beer Crashes Car into River, continues to Drink Beer

Everyone does dumb things when they’re drunk. Some people fall down the stairs, some people drunk text their ex and some people evade the police and destroy a car worth thousands of dollars. Admittedly, the latter is a fairly uncommon thing to do, but show me someone who DOESN’T want to cause mass carnage after a couple of cold ones and I’ll show you a liar.

Police in America (Surprise surprise) encountered one such loose unit who wasn’t afraid to top her beer up with a little river water. Like any good car chase, the woman was spotted ploughing through a stop sign and after refusing to pull over, was cornered in a boat ramp. Instead of listening to the cops who tried to plea with her, the woman ignored them and continued to drink her beer… before gunning the engine and smashing into a river. To be fair, that’s actually pretty logical when you think about it. She realised that there were police on the land and none in the water, who are they gonna call? The water police? Yeah right.

In the end, the fire brigade was called and a boat was used in order to get the woman, who was drifting in and out of consciousness, out of the water. In case you’re confused, you should definitely NOT drive your car off a boat ramp in order to evade the police because now she’s arrested, her car’s pretty messed up and her beer’s gone. There are no winners in this story.

In all seriousness, don’t drink drive. It’s a stupid thing to do and it’s lucky no one was killed.


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