Woman Cuts Off Boyfriend’s Dick And Runs Down The Street With It

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned– and nothing says fury quite like a scorned woman lopping off her ex-lover’s dick and sprinting down the road with it clutched in her fist.

That was the sad fate of one 23-year-old Indian fella’s bell-end after he told his old lady that he was marrying someone else. The man– whom we will henceforth refer to as Mr X– was forced to call it quits with his girlfriend of four years– Mrs Y– so that he could obey his parents’ wishes and marry “another girl of the same caste from the same village.” A run-of-the-mill, star-crossed lovers kind of tale. But this Shakespearean love story took a turn for the Tarantino tragedy when Mrs Y plotted her elaborate, pseudo-sexy revenge.

Having lured him to her place under the pretence of a bit of kinky tomfoolery, Mrs Y blindfolded Mr X, grabbed a nearby reaping hook– that is, a sickle used for cutting crops– and severed his love muscle like it was Ned Stark’s purple head. She then grabbed the felled frankfurter and legged it outside, leaving poor Mr X alone with two blue balls and no middle stump.

And yet, when police later questioned him about the incident, Mr X pointed the finger of blame at himself– possibly out of his unconditional love for Mrs Y, but probably out of shame and his incredibly damaged male ego– by claiming that it was he who amputated his own dick. For some reason.

The good news is that police eventually got their hands on the runaway cock-cutter, as well as Mr X’s amputated member. The bad news is that it’s unlikely doctors will be able to re-attach it.

Mr X is currently recovering in a hospital in Rewa. Mrs Y is facing charges for attempted murder.

Feature image: The Least Most


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