Watch Some Legend Try and Stop an Actual Riot with Pepsi

Everyone heard about Pepsi’s disastrous attempt at uniting a nation with a can of their famous carbonated sugar. Heaps of people were pretty pissed off that the ad suggested that you can solve police brutality by getting a celebrity to hand over a can of soft drink.

The ad was eventually pulled due to pretty much everyone getting mad at the sheer stupidity of it, but the cultural effects will last a lifetime. YouTuber Vito Gesualdi recently attempted to bring the world a little closer by seeing if Pepsi could actually bring world peace.

“People are fighting in the streets,” says Gesualdi while driving in the car. “Violence, it’s crazy. But luckily I recently watched a Pepsi ad where Kendall Jenner uses Pepsi to basically heal the rift in our great nation. So before I get to the protests, I’m going to stop by Target real quick, pick up a couple of 12-racks and we’re going to see if we can heal this divide”.

So old mate headed down to the Berkely protest with a few cans of Pepsi and a dream. There are a few choice cuts of Gesualdi attempting to offer Pepsi to people who were literally in the middle of throwing a few fisty cuffs and some protestors opted to just hurl cans at the opposition.

Have a gander below to see how he got on.


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