Very Drunk Fella Arrested After Ordering 200 Hashbrowns at McDonald’s Drive Through

We’ve all felt the sting of rocking up to Macca’s drunk as a skunk, absolutely fanging for a box of battered chicken offcuts, better known as chicken nuggets, only to be told that you’re shit out of luck because they aren’t serving them at the moment.

While most of us would take this crushing defeat and go home and cry, one 30-year-old Epping man had other ideas.

Apparently, after rocking up at around 5 am to try and score some nugs and being told that they aren’t on the breakfast menu, old mate decided to throw a little bit of a tantrum.

He had a bit of a yell at staff first and then reassessed his options by doing four laps of the drive-through and then ordering 200 hashbrowns, standard stuff.


However, he never got to tuck into his massive order because were called, probably after his second lap of victory around the establishment. Police found the man was intoxicated at the wheel and he blew a blood alcohol concentration of 0.175, a high average is 0.150.

His licence was suspended and he is due to face Hornsby Court on November 30.

I’ve got to say, besides the fact that this man should never have been behind the wheel of a car – and probably shouldn’t again – he did a pretty solid job of getting himself to Macca’s half cut while having the quick thinking to grab some hashies for his hangover too.




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