Vegan Denied Passport for Being Annoying


Veganism seems to have shifted from a genuinely good-hearted movement that aims to encourage environmental consciousness and improve animal welfare, to something that middle-aged men and 15-year-old edge lords make shitty memes about on Facebook. Not all vegans are bad, most don’t push their beliefs on anyone else and live in harmony with the rest of society. Then there’s a small minority of vegans who probably got “Does not work well with others” on their report cards from Year 3 till Year 12.

The sleepy and easily pronounceable Swiss town of Gipf-Oberfrick put their foot down to one angry vegan’s passport application, as they claimed she was too annoying. Apparently, Nancy Holten, the annoying vegan in question, has gained an unfavourable reputation in the village due to her hard-line approach on the use of cow-bells, a worthy cause if I’ve ever heard one.

Swiss People’s Party local branch president Tanja Suter said they were averse to giving Holten citizenship because she’s “Annoying and doesn’t respect our traditions.” However, Nancy believes the rejection was because she “Spoke her mind to often and was too strident.” Yeah, okay.

Urs Treier, a spokesman for the Gipf-Oberfrick administration went on to elaborate that basically, Holten continuously draws negative media attention to the town for being batshit crazy. Holten seems to run to the news for anything, expressing her totally “unbiased” opinion and generally besmirching the reputation of the town.

While it’s unfair to say that a person can’t be part of a country because they’re “too annoying”, you can kinda see why an entire village are deadset against someone they don’t like becoming a part of the party. That being said, if Australia started denying citizenship due to the same reasons, we could expect to see a lot less of Pauline Hanson, which is never a bad thing.


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