Two Nuns Were Caught Embezzling 500k To Fund Wild Gambling Trips To Vegas

A pair of nuns have found themselves in some unholy hot water after it was found they had been embezzling funds from the catholic school they worked at in California. 

Sisters Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang, two long-serving nuns from St. James Catholic School, have been sneakily hiding money away from the school in a personal account in order to get absolutely fuck-eyed in Vegas and gamble it all away, apparently.

After it was announced that the finances would be facing a fairly standard audit, Kreuper became extremely anxious and unsettled as she realised her decade old con could be coming to an end. 

A retired FBI agent was brought in to investigate, and honestly is this not starting to sound like the hottest crime-comedy to come out this year? 

The FBI agent described a system in which “Kreuper handled all checks made out to the school for tuition and fees before handing them over to bookkeeping staff for processing.

“The principal allegedly withheld some of the checks and deposited them into the other account, endorsing the back with a stamp that read, ‘St. James Convent’ instead of ‘St. James School.'”

However, most surprisingly of all it appears that the nuns won’t face any charges whatsoever, partly because their order has agreed to cover restitution.

This has obviously pissed a lot of people off, after they were repeatedly told that the school was on a tight budget and couldn’t afford the most basic of upgrades or necessities.


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