Tommy Wiseau Has Put His Hand Up To Make The Next Star Wars Movie

Tommy Wiseau may well be a genius.

It’s been said before that the producer, director and lead actor of ‘the worst movie ever made’ is secretly in on his own joke, feigning earnestness while laughing along with us all the way to the bank. Trolling the Margarets, Davids and Roger Eberts of the world with a film that’s so bad it’s good. A Machiavellian masterpiece.

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He may also be every bit as permafried as he seems.

The point is more or less moot, because regardless of Tommy’s cognitive wherewithal he gave us The Room and people have been watching it for fifteen fucking years. It’s an indisputable cult classic, often regarded with more warmth and fondness and genuine appreciation than any of the Star Wars prequel films of the same era.

The question naturally follows, then: what if Tommy Wiseau had a crack at directing the next Star Wars movie? How would ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far far away’ look in Tommy’s singular vision?

If there truly is a god, we may live to see the day.

In order to promote James Franco’s semi-biographical tribute film The Disaster Artist, Wiseau recently took to Twitter to answer a series of fan questions. And one fan asked the most important question: would Tommy like to direct a Star Wars movie?

Wiseau responded with a resounding ‘yes’ – albeit adding that he’d prefer an acting role, if possible, in light of his busy schedule. He also offered that #StarWars could contact him, presumably to discuss any working opportunities at greater length.

If the idea of someone like Tommy Wiseau being involved with a Star Wars movie, even in the capacity of an actor, seems beyond the realms of possibility, then please consider the following:

Make it happen, #StarWars. Whoever you are.

Source: MovieWeb
Feature image: Drafthouse


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