This New Dipping Sauce Holder Is Going To Change The World

We live in a period where innovation and practicality are clashing together at alarming rates. Sure, we’ve seen some pretty cool gizmos and gadgets so far, but have any of these so-called ‘inventions’ been able to aide me in my quest to scoff chicken nuggets while driving?

Checkmate atheists.

Well, some design boffins in America are crowdfunding for what could be a gamechanger: The DipClip.

Basically, the DipClip clips straight into the air conditioner vent on your car and allows you to hold sauces there while you navigate the roads like a sensible and responsible human being.

The DipClip features an adjustable holder that can snap on to pretty much any size car air vent blade – and this bad boy is capable of holding a range of different drive thru sized sauce containers.

More so, the DipClip comes with its own ramekin that you can wash and reuse with all your favourite sauces, so what excuse do you have now for not constantly devouring your fave nugs and sauce like the addict that you are?

And if your worried that the DipClip won’t be able to handle the sheer power of your i20, stress not. The design geeks behind the DipClip have pulled out all the stops to ensure a safe journey for your sauce.

As of now, the Kickstarter has been absolutely smashed, but head on over to see if you can still get involved.




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