The NSW Government Has Applied To Grow Weed

The NSW Government has applied for a licence to grow cannabis for medicinal research, despite not knowing exactly where they’ll be growing it. According to the ABC, Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said “the state’s cultivation licence application was lodged with the Federal Government last week.”

The state’s move follows the federal government’s passing of legislation that made the cultivation of cannabis for medical research legal. The crop, which will hopefully pop up sometime in the near future, will study effects on severe childhood epilepsy, terminal illnesses and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Tamworth-based medicinal cannabis lover Lucy Haslam will also be applying for a permit. She’s already secured a property in Tamworth on which she plans to cultivate the crop, though Blair has stated that applications from private citizens may have to wait until later in the year.

“The licence has very strict requirements around security so we would need to have a look at our assets,” he said. I know there’s a lot of people advocating for it to be done in Tamworth and that’s something we’re looking closely at, but we need to make sure we understand the requirements on our licence and make sure the facilities meet those requirements.”


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