Supermarket Bans Under 25 Y.O’s From Buying Kiwis After Harry Styles Cops a Pelting Mid Concert

Us millennials get a pretty bad rep, besides the whole avocado thing, being terrified of commitment and not knowing what the fuck to do with the rest of our lives, I’d say we aren’t doing totally shit.

And then, there are people that come along and make me realise why it is that everyone seems to hate millennials.

Well, it turns out an ASDA supermarket in Manchester recently had to ban under 25-year-olds from buying kiwis after human heartthrob Harry Styles was pelted by the fruit at a recent concert.

Apparently, there’s a bit of a joke amongst fans, who pelt him with the fruit when he performs his song “Kiwi.” Clever.

An ASDA spokesperson said: “We know our customers love Harry Styles and we feel it’s our duty to protect a fellow Mancunian from any ‘bad kiwis’ amongst us.

You can see the video of Styles slippin’ and tumblin’ around right here.

“We’d hate to see a repeat of the mishap this evening, so to avoid any slippery situations, we feel this is a necessary measure.”

After he slipped over and heroically got back up, he told the crowd: “You may have seen me fall earlier during this song. It appeared to be a kiwi.

“That was the culprit, some green seedy mush. Look there’s another – this could end up being a problem.”

Stay safe Harry, it’s a tough world out there.

Source: Telegraph


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