Police Have Finally Found One Of The Shifty Buggers Who Shoved Needles In Our Strawberry’s

It was one of the most gripping weeks of 2018 as Australia found itself in the unfamiliar position of a nationwide fruit tampering scandal. In terms of surrealness, I think we’ll look back on this incident with the same bewildered astonishment as when we all got attacked by murderous clowns a couple years back.

Well, after a tense couple of months that felt like a less-high stakes version of the family Christmas Cluedo game, we’ve finally found out who one of the culprits is.

Police have identified Berryliscious and Berry Obsession farm supervisor My Ut Trinh as the strawberry assassinator, after a national investigation which involved numerous Government agencies.

She’s expected to be tried at Brisbane Magistrate courts this evening, and she’s looking down the barrel of seven counts of contaminated goods each of them carrying a 3-year max sentence.

However, if Queensland Police can prove the contamination was aggravated, it would bump the sentence up to 10 years. Additionally, the fact that Trinh talked shit about her bosses in the workplace before the incident could be her downfall.

This incident is likely the one that caused a string of copycats to also spike our precious strawberry’s, let’s hope they throw the book at her.


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