One Loose Music Festival Could be Responsible for Massive Spike in Tassie’s MDMA Usage

You wouldn’t believe it, but the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is beginning to think that the insane rates of MDMA that a study found in a particular region of Tasmania could have something to do with the fact that a music festival took place during the sampling period.

The report comes from the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program, which analysed sewage water from 51 sewage treatment plants around the country and essentially drug tested 58% of the population. The study found that people from a certain region in Tasmania, known mysteriously as Site 18, have consumed an absolute fuckload of MDMA, more than double the next highest area.

Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) chief executive Chris Dawson explained to ABC Radio Hobart that the spike in MDMA use could be attributed to a “Party style event” which basically means a bunch of festival heads gurning their jaws off in a field somewhere.

“I’ve spoken to the scientists personally about this, they’ve noticed on weekends you may have a much higher consumption of ecstasy because you might have a music festival or some other event,” Mr Dawson said.

“It may show in August last year when we tested for seven consecutive days, there may have been an event, there may have been a shipment come in which might have been the reason why it has presented so high as opposed to some capital city.”

Essentially, people were slugging down caps like a fat kid at a cake eating contestant and consumed so many illicit drugs during the testing period that it managed to skew the samples for an entire research project.

Bloody good job Tasmania, you’ve done us all proud.

Source: ABC

Image: Billboard


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