Modern Genius/Anarchist Hand Draws His Own Parking Spaces

Parking’s the worst, hey.

Between the exorbitant meters, the unreasonable time zones and every deadshit who has ever double parked, there actually might not be anything more insufferable than trying to jag a decent car space in a busy city suburb.

Blood pressure rises. Cortisol levels spike. Potty mouth intensifies. Seriously, lend me a swear jar any time I’m struggling to find a parking space in Sydney and I’ll pay off your HECS debt with interest.

But there is another way – a better way.

While we putter around the backstreets like headless chickens with driver’s licences, clucking desperately for a car park, a man of immeasurable innovation and vision has determined to take matters into his own hands.

Police in the town of Jinhua, in Eastern China, recently cottoned on to a van driver who’s been drawing his very own parking spaces. As in, drawing them. With chalk.

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Surveillance footage caught the man – whom remains unnamed – parking his van in a random location on the side of the road, climbing out, and casually bending down to sketch out the parking lines. Police had noticed strange white markings on the road while they were out on patrol, which they claimed were “too thin and incomplete” to pass off as parking lines. If you’re going to do it, do it right, in other words – and, to be fair, this guy’s done a pretty pissweak job of it.

If charged, the veritable street artist stands to cop a fine of between 500 and 5,000 yuan (between $96 and $964 dollaridoos, or thereabouts). Reports claim that the man proceeded to use this ad hoc space over the course of four days, however – meaning that the amount of potential parking fines he dodged during that time could easily exceed the final charge.

Only time will tell whether this man has beaten the system or been beaten by it. Props for the audacity, if nothing else.

Source/image: South China Morning Post
Feature image: BBC


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