Meth Dealer Would Have Gotten Away With It If It Wasn’t For His Hitler Toast

Customising food can be pretty cute, we’ve managed to create genuine art through things like latte art and the Japanese art of fake food, and that’s pretty sweet. However, what’s not pretty sweet is branding a dictator who was responsible for millions of deaths and suffering. Oh yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to post photos of these creations on to Facebook if you also deal meth.

Which is what German fella did, and it caught the attention of the German police. Sven Pohl caught the authority’s attention when he posted photos to Facebook of stacks of toast that he’d managed to brand with the likeness of Hitler, as well as various ~edgy~ memes that praised the Nazi leader. The photos violated Germany’s strict post war laws against the public display of Nazi propaganda.

However, when authorities raided Pohl’s home in Dresden, they found much more than a keyboard warrior with a fondness for the fuehrer. Police uncovered an extensive drug distribution scheme and massive amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana, so you know toast wasn’t the only thing he was burning.

Pohl already has an extensive rap sheet, he had been previously charged with buying and distributing 1.3 kilograms of crystal meth and 64 kilos of weed in 2017, but he’d denied all recent charges against him. Now old mate’s girlfriend has decided to provide evidence to the police and things aren’t looking too good. Hopefully someone will let him have a play with a toaster in prison, for his sake.

Source and Image: Munchies


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