Man Survives Jumping Into Elephant Enclosure As Animals Lead Him To Safety

Some absolute loose unit has shocked everyone but managing to survive a close encounter in a zoo enclosure with a bunch of elephants, thankfully they took pity on him and even lead him to safety.

It all cracked off at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, when some random bloke decided he wanted to get up close and personal with the aninmals.

It’s a pretty damn tense affair, it’s hard to forget that at any moment these elephants could say “fuck this guy” and proceed to stamp him into oblivion. However, they at least show him the common decency of a chance to escape, good onya.

As you can see in the video, the elephants were primarily concerned about protecting their calf, even going as far to get a bit how ya going to the bloke who invaded their home.

The man attempts to cool them off by stretching out his hands and walking off, which unbelivably does the trick. You can hear his missus in the background giving him a right earful, but he doesn’t seem the least bit concerned.

When police rocked up later to see what the hell happened, old mate was gone. Now all we have of him is this grainy CCTV footage and a reminder not to go in an enclosure with elephants.


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