Macca’s Launches New Menu Items And I Can Feel My Arteries Clogging

Macca’s has long been coming through with the goods when your body is absolutely fanging for some deep-fried goodness. The traditional Sunday morning still-kinda-cooked Macca’s run is about to get a whole lot better, as the golden arches are bringing out two snazzy new menu items.

First up, we’re being treated to a twist on a much-loved classic. The Chicken Big-Mac still features all your favourites: lettuce, that classic Macca’s cheese, onions, pickles, sesame seed bun and (of course) McDonald’s special sauce but with two big fuck-off patties of chicken instead of beef! Now you can let a totally new meat fall out of the bun as you attempt to demolish it in one bite.

If that wasn’t enough to tantalise your taste buds, the fast-food giant is also bringing back a fan favourite, Shaker Fries. They’re pretty much a bag of regular chips that come with a sachet of cheeseburger flavouring. You dump the sachet into the bag, shake it like a polaroid picture and voila! You’ve got some vaguely cheeseburger tasting chips.

The original Shaker Fries haven’t been around since 2011, but the big wigs at Macca’s have decided to bring them back for a limited time only, presumably so they can make an absolute fuck tonne of money.

Shaker Fries have amassed a bit of a cult following, given their rarity, they’re a prized possession for die-hard McDonald’s supporters. In 2014, one bloke managed to auction off a sachet of flavouring and the shaker back itself for $900! So get collecting and you could be at the helm of the next crazy McDonald’s bidding war.

You can grab yourself a Chicken Big Mac or Cheeseburger Flavoured Shaker Fries at participating stores until July 18, 2017.




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