Laneway Just Got A New Hella Cool Way To Pay For Tickets

The summer months are a busy – and expensive – time for many Australians. With a whole host of festivals coming up, various public holidays and end of year celebrations and the communal Christmas piss-up isn’t going to fund itself.

So, it’s an absolute bloody blessing when an opportunity to lessen the financial load drops from the skies and lands in your lap.


Introducing Time To Pay, a new payment system that breaks up the ticket price into multiple installments, meaning you can pay off your tic before having to get on again for the next festival.

According to the offical Laneway site, “Time To Pay is a payment option that allows you to pay off your ticket in equal monthly installments over time.”

All customers have to do is select Time To Pay as a payment option at checkout, and then proceed to pay the installments on time. Apparently, those that snag tickets between now and the end of September will have 5 equal payments to make between now and January.

Whereas those in October will have to cough up four payments, and in November you’ll only have three payments to make.

And once you’ve started paying for the ticket, it’s yours! No need to worry about whether or not you should jump on the event page and snag tix for some peace of mind.

Laneways got you, friends.

Source: Pedestrian



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