Kevin Hart Got Hella Drunk At The Super Bowl, Swore On TV & Tried To Crash The Party

It’s only natural that winning any tense sporting match usually results in their fans going absolutely apeshit.

I say that as someone who stopped caring about sport after the last World Cup, but I can certainly see the appeal of sinking way too many tins and hurling abuse at someone just doing their job.

So it’s fairly understandable that when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, their fans went pretty crazy, even the famous ones.

Kevin Hart had a little bit too much fun, as he got drunk and tried to talk his way onto the stage with the trophy, even though the seccy wasn’t having a bar of it.


As you can see below, security definitely remained firm in his conviction and was not letting anyone on stage who wasn’t supposed to be there.

If that wasn’t enough to give ya second-hand embarrassment, Hart also dropped the f-bomb on TV while gushing about the win.

Ah well, who can’t say they’ve got ridiculously munted and tried to ambush their favourite team’s celebrations before?


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