How To Avoid Cooking Yourself On Flakka

Flakka is that drug US authorities always associate with cannibalism. Whether or not eating people is a side effect of taking the drug is yet to be proven, but people do seem to get pretty hungry on it. Not like weed hungry, either. Like, ‘meat off the bone until you’re tased in the neck’ hungry. Either way, we Australian’s just watched America eat each other for awhile, but now Flakka has reportedly started showing up in Australia. Really? Yes. A bunch of GC people OD’d on the weekend.

Flakka’s chemical name is alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone (alpha-PVP), and can be referred to as ‘flakka’ or ‘gravel’ or ‘that really shitty drug you shouldn’t do’. Alpha-PVP is is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class, a designer drug that was developed in the 1960s and started messing people up in early 2011. QLD reports didn’t surface until late last week.

Unfortunately, most people are idiots. What!? Yes. It’s true. One side effect of being an idiot is thinking that buying MDMA caps is cleaner than a pressed pill. False. People can press whatever the hell they want into a pill, and pour whatever they so please into a capsule. Unfortunately, Flakka isn’t that easy to discern from MDMA, MDA, MDX and the billions of other things stuffed in those little disco dynamites.

If it helps, the overall appearance of Flakka is an off-white powder and we’ve put some key identifiers below. Flakka is similar to many other drugs that are marketed as bath salts, like MDPV and Mephedrone, and is sometimes sold as bath salts. Signs of Flakka-intoxication will be consistent with a CNS Stimulant, and possibly a hallucinogen, meaning the person will likely be fast-forwarding around the round, all while not entirely understanding what said room looks like.

People take the drug sublingually (under the tongue), intranasally (snorting) and by smoking (either from a pipe or off of foil with a straw). Users who have taken the drug sublingually report the drug numbs their tongue, while smokers of the drug report it tastes like crack cocaine.

  1. It’ll likely be a little cheaper than a normal pill.
  2. It will be more likely to be in capsule form or ‘crystal’ form (i.e. MDMA sold in that way).
  3. The colouration won’t vary too much from MDMA, but as with MDMA, the cleaner the drug is, the more pure the colour. Acetone washes help.



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