Grandma on 10 minute trip accidentally drives for 8 hours after taking wrong turn

There are people in your life that you love so much and are so grateful that they’re around, but sometimes they do things so ridiculously silly that you genuinely question if they’re present in life at all or just floating by aimlessly

For most people, those certain individuals are often elderly, absolutely lovely but have less going on upstairs than a shit nightclub’s RnB Wednesday. An 83-year-old grandmother gave her family the latest instalment of “Grandma’s gone crazy” when she mistakingly drove over 450 kilometres to Scotland instead of the 10 kilometre trip to her local hospital.

Valerie Johnson was driving to Peopleton’s Royal Hospital in Worcester, England when roadworks diverted her and she drove for EIGHT HOURS. I have to ask, at some point did she not realise that her quick trip was taking her on an adventure spanning well over the normal time of arrival?

She ran out of fuel in Larkhall, Scotland when her 49-year-old daughter Karen Maskell decided to call the police, worried by her mother’s absence. After realising she’d ended up in a different country, Karen hopped on a plane to rescue her dear mother.

“Mum’s next-door neighbour called me to say she hadn’t come back and he was worried. I thought she must have had an accident,” said Karen. “We called the police and by the time I got to her house, they said they had spotted her car on a traffic camera at Preston at 11 pm.

“I said it couldn’t be my mum because she hates driving, she doesn’t usually drive more than three miles.

“But it was her and she was still heading north and we had to get the Scottish police involved.”

Police in Larkhall reckoned that a very kind couple looked after her when they realised that she’d parked up in the middle of the road outside their house. She told them she was lost and they called the police who were able to coordinate with police in England to inform her family.

So there you go, keep your grandmas locked up or you might have to cash in a few frequent flyer points to rescue them.

 Source and Image: Independent 


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