Drug Dealer Caught After Using Chip and Pin Device to Take Payments

Technology has revolutionised countless industries. Thanks to new and emerging tech, we have new ways to combat terrible diseases, exchange ideas over the internet, and call an Uber when we’re drunk as fuck at 4 in the morning and need to get home. While many industries have benefitted from new technology, one profession seems to have missed the wave.

Drug dealing has always been pretty old school, often operating on a cash only basis and very rarely introducing innovative ways to conduct transactions. That’s where Mark Slender – a 35-year-old drug dealer from Gloucestershire, England – comes in.

You see, Mark had the genius idea of streamlining the payment process by introducing a check and pin reader as an alternative to cash payments.  Things were going swimmingly until police were tipped off because old mate only went and started putting his nickname on the top of receipts that he gave to customers.

PC Thom Finnikin, of Tewkesbury Police, said: “Slender appears to have made a considerable profit dealing drugs and tried to conceal his financial gain by investing in expensive items.” He certainly had, the machine recorded almost £12,000 ($19,250 AUD) worth of drug deals between March and August last year.

Finnikin went on to say “He attempted to bring drug dealing into the 21st century by using a chip and pin machine to take payment for cocaine and subsequently showed his arrogance by putting a tag line at the top of each receipt supplied to his drug buyers.” Slender also went by the aliases of Mark Wilson, Guppy and Gup and was a big fan out writing “Thanks, Gup” on his customers receipts.

Police searched his home to find around £5,800 worth of drugs, including cocaine with a purity of 98% percent. Slender already had an extensive criminal history and is now in the process of serving a seven-year sentence.

Source: Daily Mail 

Image: Chris O’Connel  / CASimageproductons


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