Captain Planet’s Back, And He’s Pushing For Marriage Equality

Remember Captain Planet? Fuck yeah, you remember Captain Planet.* He was the most super of heroes. A blue-fleshed, mullet-sporting demigod who punched poachers in the dick and shopped with a tote bag and used a Keep-Cup every time he got coffee with his Planeteers. He was a real hero fighting real problems.

And now he’s back, not a minute too soon, to address this whole gay marriage debacle.

The official Captain Planet and the Planeteers Facebook page uploaded a post this morning encouraging followers to participate in the upcoming postal vote on same-sex marriage. The Captain has lifted the conch shell to his lips, he has pealed a call to arms, and it reads as follows:

“Without heart, there would be no Captain Planet! Australia, you have only 14 days to make sure you are enrolled to vote for the postal vote on same sex marriage: THE POWER IS YOURS!”

While the post doesn’t explicitly say whether you should vote one way or the other, there’s a pretty glorious rainbow arcing through the sky and the words “HEART NOT HATE!” in bold letters. The account has also rebuked naysayers and critics in the comments thread via open-hearted statements of love and acceptance.

“People are a huge part of our planet and caring about each other is one of the most important things we can do to make our world a better place.”

“The power of heart is all about compassion, caring about our planet and each other – and like when we did episodes about children in war torn countries, AIDS and gun violence – we care.”

In case you needed any more reason to get off your arse and have your say on this archaic issue, do as the Captain says. Just do it, okay?

*If you don’t remember Captain Planet then please just leave.

Source: Nine News
Feature image: Collider


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