Bored Lunatic Finds End of Excel Spreadsheet After Nine and a Half Hours of Scrolling

There is a ridiculous amount of mind-numbing tasks in the world that you COULD do, but there would literally be zero gain from completing. Things like counting to 100,000 in one go, seeing how many stars are in the sky and trying to have a reasonable conversation at Centrelink. While these tasks are very much achievable, literally nothing would change and very few people would pat you on the back for spending 2 days counting.

One Youtuber who decided to make sitting still for a very long time a “challenge” probably doesn’t share my sentiment. Hunter Hobbs, a Youtuber with the patience to rival Mahatma Gandhi, sat for an incredible nine and a half hours while pressing the down key, for seemingly little reason. Hobbs scrolled through Excel one painful cell at a time and much like any courageous adventurer, didn’t even take a break.

Starting the video with “This is probably the dumbest idea ever, but someone’s gotta do it,” followed by a subtitled “No they don’t,” really sets the tone for the video. He always comments on how he doesn’t know how he’ll use the bathroom, but to be fair, it would probably have made for a much more interesting video.

In all fairness, Hobbs handled it like a champ and the vide has racked up an impressive 500,000 views and concluded that Microsoft Excel has a total of 1,048,576 rows. Although, he could have just checked here.




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