Bloke’s Heroic Cycle Around The World Thwarted After Bike Stolen In Townsville

As someone who’s lived in the Great Brown North, I can comfortably say that stealing a bike that some inspirational bloke is using to complete a trip around the world is perhaps the most Townsville story of all time.

Charlie Condell was on day 102 of his mammoth 30,000 km cycle around the world when he got into a spot of trouble in the Ville:

“I got into Townsville yesterday at lunch, having now ridden for 102 days from England! Woke up this morning in my hostel to find my bike’s been nicked! I’m 18 and trying to set a world record to become the youngest person to cycle around the globe solo… If there’s any chance you guys see anything either online or in person I would be massively grateful if you could get in contact with me – there’s a free beer or two ready and waiting!”

Police reckon it was nabbed from the hostel he was staying at. Even though he says the people of Townsville have been more than happy to help him look for it, things certainly aren’t looking too great.

Charlie’s journey so far

Charlie’s solo trip is a pretty fkn amazing feat, but he can’t complete the bugger without being reunited with his bike.

“There will, of course, be many challenges, ranging from the heat of Death Valley to the humidity of India, but I hope to overcome them all and record the whole experience for everyone’s enjoyment upon my return.

“Being a solo mission is in and of itself a challenge, but I hope that by doing it in this fashion, I meet far more new people, and experience things that would have otherwise been missed. Any extra money raised will be donated to Mobile Midwives – a charity that I believe is doing a great job out in Africa.”

If you’ve got any info, contact Policelink on 131 444 and quote the reference number QP1801917416.


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