Bloke Takes Uni To Court Over Failed Assignment He Submitted 19 Days Late

The never-ending debate of whether you should fail completely if you submit an assignment late is definitely a tricky one. On the one hand, it prepares

you for inevitable failure in the real world but also ignores that your bosses won’t fire you for rocking up 2 minutes late.

Of course, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone of importance that could help your late assessment get graded. Unless you’re this student from Monash University who enlisted the help of a judge in order to get his precious grades.

Chinmay Naik failed the class he needed to pass in order to get his degree and retain his visa, however submitting the assignment 19 days late and scoring 12 out of 100 didn’t quite do the job.

The look of a man on a mission

He was pretty pissed off at the result, so he dragged Monash University in front of a judge and demanded answers.

“The university says the most I could do was quash or set aside your mark and ask the university to mark it again,” the judge said.

The University has claimed it regraded his assignment and even increased his mark, but he still most definitely failed.

Old mate has actually written to Malcolm Turnbull as a plea for help, but unbelievably hasn’t heard back yet.

“I have the tenacity to keep appealing something that I feel was done wrong to me,” he said.


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