Bloke Cops $250 For Trying To Move A Fridge On Train

It’s a rough time when your mates aren’t available to help you move some heavy furniture. The group chat’s normally fairly active with some savage roasting and questions about where the next sesh is going to be, but people promptly shut up when they realise breaking a sweat and getting amongst some bed frames is on today’s to-do list.

You can see some poor bloke struggling with the monster in the footage below. If you’ve ever had to manoeuvre a large suitcase or heaps of bags at a bus station, you can probably feel some sort of empathy for the fella who’s been tasked with lugging this beauty around.

He managed to get it onto the Bowen Hill’s platform using a hand trolley and a few conveniently placed elevators. He gets pulled up fairly quickly by station security and is given a ticket totalling $252 for bringing an oversized item on the train.

Old mate gets escorted back to the station entrance and also cops another juicy fare for trying to evade his fair.

ABC state political reporter Chris O’Brien just happened to be there at the time, tweeting the riveting statement, “yes that’s right, fridge on a train.”

“I could tell that staff weren’t quite sure how to react, which is understandable.

“I was fascinated by the sight of a gentleman wheeling a fridge onto the platform, and the puzzled reaction by station staff.

“But my main impression was that here was a bloke, who was maybe doing it tough, who needed to get a fridge home and didn’t have any other way to do it,” he said.

So there we go, a tragic story of a man just trying to move his fridge. Ease up on the poor bloke and let him get where he needs to go, there’s plenty of room after all.

Source and image: ABC News


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