Bloke Builds ‘Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery’ to Shame Housemate’s Disgusting Habits

Human beings are disgusting. There’s really no blunt way to put it. We’re constantly surprising ourselves with just how downright gross we can be, to the point where our disgusting habits are no longer a reason to huff, puff and blow the house down but a chance to step back and marvel at the utter depravity. “Oh look, a piece of mouldy cheese from 2 weeks ago, neat!” or “Wow, that shits been in the toilet for at least 36 hours! Crazy!”

While spotting a piece of expired ham that’s grown legs is fun at first, the charm definitely dies down after living in squalor for weeks on end. While you can ask your housemates politely to get their shit together, it never seems to eventuate to anything.

Los Angeles-based comedian Justin Cousson came up with a pretty ingenious way of putting out his roommate’s messiness by constructing a passive-aggressive art gallery around notable points of grossness.

Justin allows us to celebrate the human condition by labelling and pricing some of his roommate’s indiscretions, including critically acclaimed artworks such as “Forgotten Milk Left To Go Rancid In Fridge”, “Shoes Left In Living Room” and the absolutely iconic “Cheese Knife.”

Have a gander at the images below and don’t worry if the prices seem steep, you can recreate your own artworks by being absolute pigs in the comfort of your own home.

Source: Twitter



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