Bar Constructs Inflatable Border Wall and Hands Out ‘Green Cards’, Surprisingly Doesn’t Go Well

The world’s in a tentative place. We’ve all got nukes pointed at each other like a bunch of spoiled kindergarteners, there are tales of death and destruction everywhere you turn and I’m pretty certain the Szechuan sauce isn’t coming back anytime soon, as if we needed anything else to cry about.

Navigating through life in 2017 feels very much like a constant battle to not say the wrong thing. People are pretty quick to call out questionable behaviour and let me tell you, once they’ve got a taste for blood they won’t stop till you’re six-feet-under and regretting your ignorance on queer feminist theory.

Businesses must also watch what they say as at any given time they can face the wrath of hundreds of social warriors descending on them, as one bar in America recently found out. The problem started when Paul Hennessey, owner and operator of Hennessey’s Tavern, decided to set up an inflatable wall and hand out green cards to customers on May 5, which guaranteed those that make it to the top of the suspiciously Trump-like wall one free drink.

Seeing as America’s immigration situation at the moment isn’t particularly great, this was always going to end badly. The event, held in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, attracted a barrage of criticism from those that attended and many were outraged about the insensitivity shown by the establishment.

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Predictably, Hennessey is trying to backtrack on the promotion, claiming that he was doing it to show the “absurdity” of Trump’s immigration policies and not to make fun of immigrants or their predicament.

Regardless of his intentions, the damage has been done and over 350 people have commented on the Tavern’s apology. We probably won’t be seeing too many events from old mate Hennessey anytime soon.

So yeah, racism isn’t cool. Get rekt.

Source and image: Munchies 


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