Australian Police Are Warning People Not To Throw ‘Cyclone Parties’

Bloody Aussies, amirite? Any excuse to throw a party and get arseholed and maybe punch a mate in the throat. Even if that excuse is a cataclysmic weather event threatening 130 kilometre-an-hour winds and rain.

One such event – a tropical storm going by the weirdly geriatric name of Cyclone Joyce – is about to hit Western Australia’s northern coast. And Broome police are warning residents against the temptation to throw a ‘cyclone party’.

In case you haven’t been living under a rock or within a hurricane shelter, cyclone parties are, essentially, prearranged events where loose units hunker down during a storm and get stuck in to some stockpiled booze. They’ve proven quite popular among the good folk of northern WA, apparently, but have also stoked controversy due to some fairly reasonable safety concerns.

Image: Asian Correspondent

“Don’t drink too much alcohol, in the event that you need to move or something happens to your house and you need your wits with you, so you can get yourself and your family out to a safe place,” cautioned Broome Senior Sergeant Brendan Barwick. “The other big things are to secure all the items around the house and make sure your car has fuel.”

Bidyadanga, a community just south of Broome, had barely finished the clean up from the last cyclone on December 27th when they started getting their shit together for Joyce. Chief Officer of the community Tania Baxter suggested that everything’s just about in order for when the next cyclone hits.

“We’re pretty well prepared,” she said.

Hopefully with enough tinnies to go around.
Source: ABC News
Feature image: SBS


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