An $8 Million Cannabis Crop Found In NSW Just Went Up In Smoke

On November 11, rural crime investigator and officers from the National Parks and Wildlife Services found a $8 million dollar marijuana crop in the Bundjalung National Park, NSW. The crop was surrounded by a stock-proof fence and measured 150m in length and 50m in width, making it larger than Sydney Football Stadium.

According to, the discovery was made “after a number of vehicles were recently seen driving into the park with covered numberplates.”

Detective Chief Inspector Cameron Lindsay, crime manager for the Richmond Local Area command, made a number of comments regarding the elaborate setup. “This was a sophisticated and expensive setup, no doubt financed by an organised crime group,’’ he said, explaining, “This crop is one of the largest found in recent times and its destruction will hurt those behind it.’’

The massive haul was part of a wider operation to seize marijuana in and around the Sydney area. Targets and discoveries included Cawongla, Wadeville, New Italy, Double Duke, Jackie Bulbin, Mumblegum, Bulldog and Ewingar.


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