A Drug Friendly Holiday Where You Get Unlimited Sex Is Available, So What Are You Waiting For?

I feel like it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Men are simple creatures. Not only are we at our happiest when our primal instincts are satisfied, you could stick a naked woman at the end of a corridor of death and 87% of males would run towards her with their jaws wide open.

So, imagine how stoked you and your mates would be if you were able to go on this dream holiday to an island off the coast of Columbia, where you’ll be treated to unlimited sex, an extremely laid back approach to drugs and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Good Girls Company, a brothel in Colombia, are the minds behind the “sex hotel”, which promises guests free food and drink, parties and more beautiful women then you can shake a stick at.

If this entire thing doesn’t seem like an elaborate ruse to lead you to a remote island and potentially rob and murder you, then you must be the exact type of clientele they’re after.

You’ll share the island with 30 other horndogs who had to go overseas to get laid, and providing you don’t mind seeing your “bro’s” boner than it could be an incredible bonding experience.

I can’t link the promo they released here as it is simply too god damn raunchy for the sweet virgin eyes out there, but have a gander at this NSFW website if this article got your motor racing.


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