A Dating App For Trump Supporters Had A Major Fuck Up On The First Day & Who Could Have Predicted That?

There are two subgroups of people who are looked down upon by society. Whether it was a choice they made themselves or if they were simply born in this manner, it doesn’t exactly help their case. I am talking, of course, about the two worst demographics on the internet: extremely horny people and Trump supporters.

Much to everyone’s horror, someone has managed to find a way to combine the two by creating a dating app that matches people together who are also extremely horny and enjoy the politics of Trump.

The app was started by a former aide to a Republican senator, and all seemed fine and dandy until TechCrunch revealed there had been a massive fuck-off leak of personal data.

Usually, start-ups wait at least a couple of years before selling their consumers down the river for a quick buck, but kudos to this app for getting all that nasty business out the way.

The data leak included the names, conversations and pictures of users, so essentially a bunch of horn-dawg mid-western Americans are about to be in some severe doo-doo.

It looks like the data has been taken offline since the leak, but watch this space for further developments.


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