YOLO 2 Was Just Uploaded And It Might Be Worse Than The First One

The following video is extremely graphic, especially for a cartoon.

You really shouldn’t watch this. Just like you shouldn’t have watched the first one. But if you must, we’ve warned you that you shouldn’t, which makes all of us sleep a little easier. If you don’t remember the first installment, it featured some great parodying of the modern Australian female, a very horrible nightclub bouncer, a shit (literal use of that word) and the inside of someone’s anus. This isn’t any better. Who the fuck thinks of this shit? Michael Cusack, that’s who. He’s behind Ciggie Butt Brain as well, and he’s got things going on in his head that we wouldn’t come close to touching. Granted, he’s pretty great with animation and, without doubt, he’s creative as hell.


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