This Barbie Is Batshit Insane And You Need Her In Your Life

Depending on who you follow, Instagram can be a continuous loop of selfies and acai bowls, or a magical playground of creative fun. Accounts like Tony Futura and Tax Collection get us double tapping on the regular, but it would be criminal not to talk about the wonders of Trophy Wife Barbie. Having found her via Racquet & TAX, and given the recent interview with Forbes, Trophy Wife Barbie is the internet’s current ‘it’ girl, in all her chaotic mayhem.

“Dolls are non-threatening and allow us to project our feelings onto them. I use Trophy Wife Barbie to explore gender issues and the modern female identity while highlighting the limitations of labels,” Toronto-based Annelies Hofmeyr, told Forbes, describing rather succinctly the purpose behind her project, which is gaining massive traction. Evident in her illustrations, Hofmeyr is bloody hilarious, and she proved that during her 10/10 interview with Racquet & TAX (check it out). In the interim, however, here’s some pure gold. Follow her here.

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