Bacardi Are Adding Some Serious Kick To Australian Nightlife

Whenever someone whines about Brisbane being behind the times, I always think about our burgeoning nightlife scene. In the face of stringent laws, lockout policies and other things that old people think are a good idea, we’ve produced some world-class talent. On top of that, we’ve held some of the most epic parties in Australia and run the Bigsound gauntlet for a thumping stint.

Adding to this is the resurgence of creativity in the nightlife world. Punters are no longer content with the routine of a Friday night local lineup at a bar half- full. Being fixated on a local DJ while people scream in your ear just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Nowadays, people demand experiences, and where there’s demand, there’s supply. In 2016 alone, Brisbane – alongside all our other Australian capital cities – have been privy to a swarm of world-class parties.

Most recently, Bacardi have proved themselves changemakers and luminaries via their huge, free ‘House of Bacardi’ parties, set to descend upon Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Featuring after dark heroes like Goodgod, Pelvis, Daydreams, A Love Supreme and more, the parties will coincide with a three-part(y) video series that hones in on local nightlife as a unified front, but also the people shaping the late night scenes in each of our cities.

At its core, the ‘House of Bacardi’ tour serves as a springboard for Bacardi, who plan to spend much of summer getting behind those party throwers and fans who are changing the cultural fabric of our cities. The beauty of this is, of course, the fact our nightlife scene needs every bit of support it can get, and if a brand like Bacardi is willing to put on free parties around Australia to help rally the troops, count us in. Check out the Brisbane dates below!

House of Bacardi: Brisbane

Date: Thursday 20th October
Curators: A Love Supreme | VICE | The Creases | Bedlam Records
Line-up: Mike Who | Fishing (Live) | Mumbles | Matt Treffene | Music For Your Health | Venus II | The Creases DJs | Confidence Man | Nutrition | FlexMami | Gavin Boyd | Sezzo Snot
Time: 8pm – Address: The Foundry, 228 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley


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