You Could Score A Cool $140K By Surviving A Real Life Battle Royale For 3 Days

Your Mum tried to tell you that video games would get you no where in life. Well, now you can tell her to get absolutely fucked because an unknown millionaire is in the process of establishing the world’s first real life battle royale.

With the explosion in popularity spearheaded by games like Fortnite and
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s unsuprising that some insansely rich person has decided they wanted to see how a game would play out in real life.

Now, we’ve not quite reached the level of dystopia where a millionaire can ask people to fight to the death, frankly that’d be quite ridiculous. No, instead they’re going to load contestants up with airsoft rifles and let them shoot the living shit out of each other.

All of this information comes via a Hush Hush advertisement for a game designer. The ad states that the 3-day event will result in the last person standing receiving nearly $140K AU, with competition going for 12 hours at a time and players expected to camp at night.

According to Hush Hush founder Aaron Harpin, this could be the start of something special.

“Battle royale games have become incredibly popular over the last few years ago and our customer is a huge fan who wants to make the game a reality in the safest way possible. If the championship is a success this year, it’s something he wants to make an annual event moving forward, which is very exciting!”

“If you’re a fan of last-person-standing movies and games, it’ll be a great opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience and earn a significant amount of money. However, to get there, our concierge team needs some help to make it a reality. The first thing we need is a talented gamemaker to help us make the event as realistic as possible.”

You can apply to be a game designer on the website. After that is finalised they’ll begin the registration process.


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