This Dog Howling In Approval When Its Owner Makes A Basket Is Pure Joy

I know this might come across as a controversial opinion, but dogs are just absolutely fucking lovely aren’t they? Just pure beings of unbridled joy that act more enthusiatic upon seeing me than my own mother does.

The greatest thing about dogs is that they’re actually capable of doing things, unlike cats. Fuck cats. Some dogs help the disabled, some get to sniff out drugs all their lives and apparently, some are put on this earth simply to cheer you when you do something right.

Enter Cooper, a Golden Retriever who’s taken it upon himself to coach his owners on how to be better athletes, by howling with approval when they get a shot in and groaning in disappointment when they miss.

And incase you were wondering how Cooper was handling his new found fame, well rest assured that he’s… well resting assured.

God damn I love dogs.



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