Soccer Player Not Punished Over Nazi Salute Because He ‘Didn’t Know Who Hitler Was’

For all their athletic ability and sports prowess, it’s fair to say that professional sports stars aren’t exactly well known for their academic capablities.

However, there’s a difference in not knowing how to do long division and having absolutely no clue who this Hitler chap is. Which is exactly the reason why goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey was cleared by the English Football Association for doing a Nazi salute.

Now, I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that someone, somewhere in the world has no fucking clue who this Hitler bloke is, like you’d literally need to have skipped the entirety of history classes in school and bury your head in the sand.

While it seems like Hennesey could just be lying to make sure he doesn’t cop any punishment, the FA have said he actually needs to familarise himself with world history due to his “lamentable ingnorance”. Burn.

“Improbable as that may seem to those of us of an older generation, we do not reject that assertion as untrue,” said the panel who reviewed the incident. “In fact, when cross-examined about this Mr Hennessey displayed a very considerable — one might even say lamentable – degree of ignorance about anything to do with Hitler, Fascism and the Nazi regime.

“Regrettable though it may be that anyone should be unaware of so important a part of our own and world history, we do not feel we should therefore find he was not telling the truth about this. All we would say (at the risk of sounding patronising) is that Mr Hennessey would be well advised to familiarise himself with events which continue to have great significance to those who live in a free country.”

You’re right, that does sound incredibly patronising. However, it’s certainly not wrong.


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