Police Are Looking For The Dweeb Who Kicked Our Beloved Egg Boy While He Was Restrained

By now we’ve all surely heard of Will Connolly AKA Egg Boy, the bloke who took it upon himself to do the world a little justice by smacking an egg into the head of all round grub Fraser Anning after his deplorable comments following the Christchurch massacre.

As if the world needed anymore reasoning to dislike Anning, he proceeded to slap our prescious Egg Boy twice across the face, and if he hadn’t been restrained things probably would have escalated from there.

In the aftermath of the great egg battle, you can see a few brave units holding down the 17-year-old boy and shouting at him, while one allegedly kicks him multiple times.

Police have now turned their attention to capturing the shit head, and are asking the public to notify them if they have any knowledge about the bloke.

In a statment, police confirmed that they’re still looking for the man who kicked Egg Boy:

Police were monitoring a speaking engagement which had been organised at a venue on Roberna Street about 2pm. The speeches had concluded when an altercation took place between a 17-year-old Hampton boy and a 69-year-old Queensland man.

An egg was broken on the 69-year-old man’s head by the 17-year-old boy when a scuffle took place and the teenager was taken to the ground by bystanders.

While the 17-year-old boy was being held on the ground, another male has approached and kicked him in the body a number of times.

The 17-year-old and 69-year-old have since been interviewed and the investigation regarding the initial incident remains ongoing.

As of today, it has been confirmed that Anning will not face charges as he was acting in self defense and Will Connolly will only recieve a caution.


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