Japan Is Dishing Out Cheap Ramen To Seniors To Stop Them From Driving

For all their immesaureable wisdom and cooking prowess, old people are pretty fucking dreadful drivers. It seems once you pass 65 you’re either pretty much a formula one driver who can chuck a reverse parallel park like it’s nothing, or you struggle with which traffic light means go.

In an effort to fight growing accident rates amongst the elderly, Japan has employed a pretty ingenious way of getting elderly people to forgo their licenses: a discount card for 10 per cent off at a ramen chain.

In Japan, many older drivers allegedly stuggle with locating the brake pedal, as well as concerns that many elderly drivers are affected by dementia.

Elderly people in the Aiichi provence are able to hand in their licence and in turn recieve a 10% discount for one of the region’s most popular ramen chains.

It seems to be a problem in most countries. Elderly people don’t like being told what to do and many of them don’t realise that their skills decline as they age.

It is now a condition that drivers must undergo a test for dementia once they reach the age of 65, as well as a whole bunch of other cognitive tests. A driver found to be unfit to drive will have their license revoked.

In the long run, this really can only be a good thing. Firstly, it obviously limits the chances of an elderly person getting in a car accident, but it also takes cars off the road and relies more on the public transport system.


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